Awards and Accolades

At Aachi foods, we take pride in the recognition we've received from industry leaders, partners, and customers. These accolades underscore our commitment to delivering superior quality, innovation, and outstanding service. Each award is a testament to the hard work and passion of our team, driving us to continuously strive for excellence and set new benchmarks in our field. 

  1. National Award for the "Best Employer" for Empowering Persons with Disability from the President of India, His Excellency Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.

  2. India's No.1 Trusted Spice Brand 2020 - Awarded by TRA (Trust Research Advisory)

  3. Confluence Excellence Awards - 2018 by The British Parliament, House of Commons, London

  4. Most Influential Leader Excellence in the Field of Business - 2017, Awarded by ERTC.

  5. Asia's Most Promising Brands - 2017, Awarded by WCRC.

  6. India's Fastest Growing 50 Brands 2016 Evaluated by WCRC.

  7. India's Greatest Brands & Leaders 2016 Awarded by United Research Services.

  8. India's No.1 Most Trusted Brand-2015 awarded by Trust Research Advisory.

  9. India's No.1 Most Attractive Brand - 2015 awarded by Trust Research Advisory.

  10. Asia's Fastest Growing FMCG Brand - 2014 Excellence Award evaluated by KPMG, World Consulting & Research Corporation.

  11. India's No.1 Masala Brand - 2013, Awarded by Trust Research Advisory.

  12. Times of India - "Trail Blazer" Award.

  13. Outstanding Food Industry Award - 2012 from Hon'ble Governor of Tamil Nadu, Instituted by National Institution for Quality and Reliability.

  14. CSR Excellence Award-2012 Awarded by FICCI and University of Madras.

  15. Conferred by the Indus Valley Entrepreneurs (TIE), Silicon Valley, USA, THE EXTREME ENTREPRENEUR of 2010.