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  • Appalam Kattu

    Crispiness Redefined, Tradition Preserved: Elevate your culinary experience with Aachi Appalam, a culinary delight that encapsulates the perfect blend of taste, tradition, and crispiness. Meticulously crafted...

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  • Kozhukattai Flour

    Aachi Kozhukattai and Idiyappam Flour – a magical blend that transforms your kitchen into a canvas of tradition and taste. Let the rhythmic whispers of heritage...

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  • Rice Puttu Powder

    Aachi Puttu Powder – A melody of tradition and taste that transcends the boundaries of ordinary culinary experiences. This magical blend, carefully crafted by Aachi, beckons...

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  • Vermicelli

    A delicate dance of strands that transforms your kitchen into a canvas of tradition and flavor. In this enchanting symphony of taste, Aachi invites you to...

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  • Sukku Malli Kaapi Powder

    Aachi's Chukku Malli Powder is an essential ingredient for creating flavorful coffee recipes. Its unique blend of sukku and malli not only enhances the taste of...

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  • Ragi Vermicelli

    A golden thread that weaves a tapestry of tradition and nourishment in your kitchen. In this poetic dance of ancient grains, Aachi invites you to embrace...

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    Ragi Flour

    Aachi Ragi Flour – A golden elixir from the heart of the earth, where ancient grains meet modern culinary artistry. In this poetic dance of tradition...

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  • Bajji Bonda Powder

    Spice Up Your Snacking Experience: Transform your snacking moments into a flavor-packed adventure with Aachi Bajji Bonda Powder, a culinary delight crafted by Aachi, a brand...

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  • Chemba Puttu Powder

    Aachi Chemba Puttu Powder – A celebration of tradition and taste, meticulously crafted to bring the authentic flavors of South India to your breakfast table. Immerse...

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