Return & Refunds

Return and Refund Criteria:

1. Missing Products During Unboxing:
  • In the event of missing products upon unboxing, customers are required to promptly notify AachiFoods within 12 hours of receiving the package.
  • Clear photographic and/or video evidence showcasing the absence of the item(s) must be provided.
  • Verification Process: AachiFoods will conduct a thorough investigation upon receiving the evidence. The verification process aims to confirm the legitimacy of the claim within 24 hours. Refund initiation follows upon successful verification.
2. Damage to Products
  • Should any product(s) arrive damaged, customers must notify AachiFoods within 12 hours of receiving the package.
  • Comprehensive visual evidence, such as photographs and/or videos, demonstrating the extent of the damage, must accompany the report.
  • Verification Process: AachiFoods undertakes a meticulous review of the provided evidence within 24 hours. Once the damage is confirmed, the refund process commences.
3. Order Cancellation Policy:
  • Customers are afforded a 12-hour window from the time of order placement to cancel their order.
  • Post the lapse of the 12-hour period, cancellations will not be entertained.
  • Orders placed after Saturday 6:00 PM and on Sunday allow customers until Monday 9:00 PM to cancel their order.
4. Incorrect Address:
  • AachiFoods does not assume liability for orders dispatched to incorrect addresses provided by customers.
  • It is incumbent upon customers to ensure the accuracy of the shipping address furnished at the time of purchase to avoid any discrepancies.
  • Phone

+91 44 2618 7200 / +91 44 2618 5410 / +91 44 2618 5420

Customer care no’s

+91 96000 25666 / 98400 50423

If you have any questions about your purchase or any other issues, kindly complete the form provided below.